Boy Band

February 19, 2014

Who doesn’t like free things? Recently, I won tickets to the Emblem3 concert courtesy of 91.5 The Beat radio station. Now with that said, I can honestly say I’ve only known Emblem3 from the X-Factor show and haven’t followed their career since the show ended. A precursor before you read on, I am not the target demographic for any of the bands who played at the concert and I do not regularly listen/follower their music. Now onto the reviews…

The concert was an all ages event at the Sound Academy in Toronto. The Sound Academy doesn’t have anything special inside that is worth talking about, so I will move on from there. As I won two tickets, I decided to take my younger cousin who is still in high school as this music is more for her demographic. I would say 96% of the audience was high school girls, with the other 4% being their parents and boyfriends.

Jackson Guthy


The first performer of the night was Jackson Guthy with his band consisting of a drummer, guitarist and keyboard player. The young chap reminded me slightly of our Canadian singer Justin Bieber, but with less dramatics. In the end, he did a great performance and his stripped down latest single with just him playing the keyboard was one for my favourite songs of the night. The one thing both myself and cousin noticed was the guitarist had a better singing voice than Jackson, it had an overall smooth tone and did not lose pitch.


MKTO-New-Music-VideoThe next band was MKTO which consisted of singer Tony Oller, rapper Malcolm Kelley, a drummer, and a guitarist. I would have to say this band out of the three impressed me the least. The singer did not have a strong vocal performance, and the rapper was slow and hard to hear. For me it was an alright song set, but for my cousin she did recognize one song and she enjoyed the band.


Boy band xfactorThe three lead vocalist, Wesley Stromberg, Keaton Stromberg, and Drew Chadwick entered the stage riding skateboards. The stage even had a mini skateboard ramp! Initially, I wasn’t expecting the concert to be very long considering they have only one album but I was wrong. The boys played what seemed like every song on the album plus some, which is great for avid fans but for a tired mid-20 year old I would much rather just hear the one song I’ve heard before. Again, I wouldn’t be the bands main target audience so I believe they satisfied their fan base successfully.

One thing that was off-putting, was when the band brought up their home-town friends who were on tour with them, they announced that if you wanted to hang out with the boys later on to talk to those guys. Now, I don’t think this “hang-out” session would be such an innocent endeavor. Furthermore, these girls are pre-teens/teenagers, some with their parents in the audience and I don’t think “Daddy’s little girl” who is underage should be “hanging-out” with 20 something year old boys in a band – just my opinion. Other than that, they had a solid performance with their vocals on par with my expectations and best of all my cousin enjoyed the concert without ever knowing about them before this.

Boy singer

Jackson Guthy

boy band with rapper


xfactor boy band




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