Kathy “Babe” Robinson

The Piano Bar

Date: June 9, 2013

Montparnasse/The Piano Bar

As we just arrived to Mykonos Island, two friends and I were searching out a “chill” place to have a few drinks our first night there. So off we went roaming through the streets of the downtown area and that is where came across Montparnasse/The Piano Bar. The bar seemed lively enough, and as we started walking towards the live music I noticed the gay friendly atmosphere.

Kathy “Babe” Robinson

All of the seats were taken except three closest to the singer, Kathy “Babe” Robinson who goes by Babe. She was performing a mixture of songs from Abba, to old school soul and also taking recommendations from the audience.  Luckily, her pianist knew quite a few songs without sheet music! Overall, she was a great singer and cracked some jokes here and there. Occasionally, she was a bit high pitched but her song choices fit with the crowd and atmosphere of the night. She worked from audience tips, so a jar was passed around to contribute to her being there. We didn’t end up staying too long at the Piano Bar as it was not my companions seen, so after one expensive beer we headed out.

Mike and I at The Piano Bar

Mike and I at The Piano Bar


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