Birthday Posters

Being a recovering student, with very little income and large amounts of debt I had to come up with a creative and loving way to say happy birthday to my best friend. My best friend, Olivia, was at the time venturing through Europe with her boyfriend Chris who is also a very good friend of mine.

I normally paste a million HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! posts on her facebook but this year because I couldn’t see her in person, I decided to try a new approach. While both herself and Chris were waiting for my infamous posts and messaging me asking where they were, I was galloping around my hometown taking pictures of my Happy Birthday poster I made for her. Now a bit of background, Olivia and Chris have both playfully made fun of me for my small town upbringing. I have suggested they come for a visit sometime, but in reality there isn’t much to see and I’ve taken pictures at most of the sites to see.

PosterTruckT-Burg SignLake LisgarMe


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