Investours is a non-profit organization exemplifying the openness principle referred to by the authors of MacroWikinomics: Rebooting Business and the World. The idea behind Investours  is to provide microfinance tours where tourists are able to invest in local businesses situated in poor communities in the developing world. After visiting the business as part of a tour, 100% of the tourist’s tour fees go directly to the entrepreneur of their choice. This way they can directly stimulate economic growth.

This company’s concept reflects the openness principle as tourists can directly see where their money goes, and how their money can impact those businesses. The company provides the opportunity for people to learn about these communities and directly make a difference. Additionally, because the decision is given to the tourists there is a level of transparency Investours provides that traditional methods do not allow for those wanting to microfinance/donate.

Definitely another organization making a difference in the lives of others.


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