4 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Hi I saw that you volunteered at Afroplan. I’m thinking of doing the same. What was your experience like volunteering there? Thanks!

    • Hi Brenna,

      I had an amazing experience at Afroplan International. Working with Frank Tarimo is inspirational to say the least. The teachers are wonderful, and everyone wants you to have the most of your experience. If you do decide to volunteer, my suggestion is to take A LOT of pencils and pencil sharpeners, they can always use supplies. Are you volunteering with an organization that has set you up with Afroplan? or directly with them?

      Let me know if you want more information about my experience, or to contact Frank directly. Volunteering is truly life changing, and I recommend that if you are able to definitely do it!

  2. That’s so great to hear! I want to volunteer directly through Afro plan and not through an organization. I would love to hear more about your experience! Maybe you could send me an email? My address is, thanks so much!

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