October in Southern Ontario

Changing of Colours

During the autumn moChanging of Coloursnths (generally September to early November) Southern Ontario experiences an outburst of colours. What was once lush and green leaves have now changed to vibrant yellows, browns, reds, and oranges. This occurrence is not limited to just the Southern Ontario region but can be seen throughout Canada. I highly recommend taking a stroll or a drive around the countryside to view the autumn landscape at its finest.

Changing of ColoursSouthern Ontario offers the countryside that most tourists wish to see but also the convenience of accessing major cities where most tourist attractions are located. Especially in October, Southern Ontario experiences more favourable weather conditions allowing tourists to take advantage of great outdoors activities and not be overwhelmed by heat.

Fall Events

The month of October brings about many festivals throughout the Southern Ontario region.

Simcoe Fair

Norfolk County Fair

Corn mazes, parades, thanksgiving, Oktoberfest and haunted houses are just a few of the attractions available to tourists in October. For those tourists who are not from North America and are limited on time, I recommend doing a corn maze, having a turkey meal, and experiencing Halloween as these experiences are typically North American in nature. As well, they are part of the essence that is October.

Below is a list of events with links to consider when visiting in October:


Always the second weekend of October in Canada (note American Thanksgiving is in November). Thanksgiving is typically family oriented, thus it may be difficult to experience the true Thanksgiving if you do not have relatives or friends who live here BUT this should not deter you from taking in this occasion. Many restaurants, hotels, and community centres host Thanksgiving meals for you to enjoy. Thanksgiving meals primarily consist of turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberries and pumpkin pie – of course there are variations to this. Our family in addition to the food mentioned above, also have cooked broccoli, carrots, salads, buns, apple sauce, apple pie, banana cream pie, chocolate pie, and rocky road fudge. Yes, we have a lot of food but we also have a large family who consumes food quickly! Thanksgiving is celebrated across Canada, as I have only experienced it in Southern Ontario what I have shared is from my own experience. Also, take note that most Canadian businesses are closed on the Monday, so take this into consideration when planning your visit. Thanksgiving is about celebrating with family and friends around some delicious food and great scenery.



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