Flight to Tanzania

Flight to Tanzania

Before the Flight

It is always important to arrive at the airport for an international flight at LEAST 3 hours before the flight time, especially at Pearson Airport in Toronto. Luckily for me, I am a speedy driver and was able to arrive at the airport earlier than expected. I proceeded to say my farewells to both my sister and mother, then waited patiently in line. My luggage consisted of a backpackers backpack and an old hockey bag full of deflated soccer (football) balls and various items for the kids. Since I was flying to Tanzania I was able to check both of those bags without having to pay an extra fee. The bags both weighed around 15kg each which was well under the limit.

Customs & Flights

Going through customs was relatively easy for me, since I was prepared with my fluids already in a plastic bag. The flight from Toronto to Amsterdam was smooth and had an aspect that I wasn’t expecting but made sense in hindsight. Since I flew with KLM a Dutch company the flight attendant spoke Dutch first and then English when explaining the instructions, throughout both flights. I had only ever flown on flights where English was spoken and occasionally French if in Canada, so this was new to me. On the way there I had a window seat with one other person sitting beside me which was great! Unfortunately, I only slept for about an hour during that flight, but again in hindsight I should have tried to sleep more during that flight rather than the next one.

I had a 3 hour layover in Amsterdam, where I met a man from Nigeria going to London for the first time so I told him what places he should go visit. At the Amsterdam airport, I had to go through customs again which was a bit annoying since I had to drink all of my water. On the flight to Tanzania I slept most of the way, as nobody was beside me so I was able to lay down in the other seat as well. Sleeping wasn’t the brightest idea being that Tanzania is 7 hours ahead of Canada, so basically the first night at the volunteer house it was hard to sleep.


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