FundraisingFundraising can be a difficult task, especially when you don’t have the necessary resources to properly raise money. IVHQ suggested using GoFundMe to ask family and friends to help contribute. At first I was reluctant to use this method since I would rather earn money by doing some sort of work. However it provided me with the opportunity to provide exposure to the cause and let others know what I was doing.¬† The only major problem with the GoFundMe website was you needed a paypal account which takes 5% of the donated money, as well GoFundMe takes 5%. Most family and friends opted to donate to me directly through cash or cheque. I am very grateful to everyone who donated and who helped make my dream come true.

Other Fundraising Methods

Some other methods of fundraising include:

  • Collecting bottles from the community
  • Chocolate sales
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Yard sales, etc…

I planned on doing some of these during my time off between school and the trip however, I ran into some problems. A local ringette team was collecting bottles for their Vancouver trip, and I had no one to sell chocolate to besides my family. I ended up cleaning my grandfathers house and putting textbooks on amazon in hopes of earning money.


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