Volunteer Organization


Choosing the Volunteer Location

The first steps to choosing the right organization to volunteer with or even deciding to use an organization to begin with depends on where you want to go. I chose Tanzania for several reasons, some which are listed in the About section, others include: having one of the largest safari’s, my sorority sister currently lives there, it borders relatively save countries that are not experiencing political unrest and part because I just wanted to. When choosing, it’s always best to make a list of items that you want to experience or ultimately get out of the experience.

Researching Volunteer Organizations

The next step is RESEARCHING!! Trust me, I spent hours researching the best organizations, the best programs, everything that was possible I had looked at. When I first started looking, I found information more for programs geared toward Kenya which was great but ultimately not the place I really wanted to go to. As well, I reached out to others – some random and some friends of friends to ask questions about how they went about volunteering. I knew I wanted a reputable volunteer company but I also needed it to be cheap since I was a student with zero income.

Contacting the Organization

I ultimately chose International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)  after it met my criteria as well as reading reviews online. At first, I was hesitant because IVHQ is based out of New Zealand which isn’t exactly local. However, again I researched it extensively to make sure I wasn’t getting taken advantage of. This program by far has the cheapest program fees that I have seen, the program fees are allocated to registration and program fee. The program fee included the cost of food and living while in Tanzania. Most programs that I had researched DID NOT include flight or insurance. I contacted the organization where they provided a brochure and answered all possible questions that I had – very informative.

For reviews of volunteering abroad programs visit Abroad Reviews


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